Monday, January 14, 2013

Pulp City: Ulthar

My Jan painting challenge gave me a bunch of momentum, so I have kept rolling and trying to get stuff finished. In the last two days I managed to finish off my entire Ulthar team, including the UFO I blogged about quite a while ago. The Scorpio fencer model from Pulp Monsters is another of the official PC mnis that doesn't appeal so I used an Infinity mini with a spare Ulthar head instead. The metallic pink weapon blades don't show up that great in these photos, but I wanted something that would look odd and alien, so mettalic pink is what I went with. Pics!

Gemini X and Gemini Y






And the Ulthar Craft, with working lighting!

Jan painting challenge - fin...

I taking pics of the last two minis today. So here they are. Both are being used for Pulp City though both are not official Pulp Monsters models. Androida mk.II is a Reaper Chronoscope mini. My original Androida broke off at the ankles and is irreparable, and I had been looking for an excuse to pick this mini up so it became my new Androida.

Lady Cyburn is from Mad Puppet miniatures. The official Pulp City lady Cyburn model did absolutely nothing for me, I thought this great mini fit the background of the character pretty well. She has had a hand swap to remove her lead pipe in favour of being unarmed.

So that's it! Challenge successful and my whole Heavy Metal is done!

Friday, January 11, 2013


I finished the last of my 'stretch goal' minis for the Jan painting challenge with 9 days to spare! Still need to varnish everything. Pics coming sun or mon!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year painting challenge part trois

More progress! Finished Sgt. Bale in a good time frame so I have added in the other three minis to the challenge. Managed to get Nuclear Jones Jones done already.

Also took some better pics of Chronin and Cap Hadron. I also chucked some photos of C.O.R.E in there as he was lying around. Not part of the challenge and painted AGES ago but yeah...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year painting challenge part duex

I am making good progress on the painting challenge, I think I am beating Deansy From the Internet™ (you can check out his progress here)by a fair margin now! Over the last few days I have managed to finish all the Hardons and Chronin. Well I still need to finish a bottle on Giant Hadron's base but it is close. Bale should get finished off tomorrow if all goes according to plan. I based Chronin's colour scheme on the Kyoshi Warriors for Avatar: The Last Airbender as they were my favourite character design from the series. Please excuse the shoddy photography, my camera struggled with inadequate lighting, hopefully tomorrow will yield some better natural light and I will try to get some better pics.

Due to my good progress I have decided that if I finish Bale tomorrow, than I am going to extend my mini quota to include the last three Heavy Metal Supremes I have that need painting, Nuclear Jones, Lady Cyburn and a new version of Androida. Cyburn is a proxy from Mad Puppet miniatures and my new Androida is from Reaper (my official Adroida broke off at the ankles, and I really like this Reaper scuplt so it is an excuse to use it!)

So hopefully by the 20th I will have another pic of my Heavy Metal team finished!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dockside Container Yard

Just before Christmas my friend Deansy From the Internet™ asked for my help with building his gaming table. He has been collecting TONS of the excellent and sadly OOP Rackham shipping containers and decided to make a shipping yard. He primarily wants to use it for games of M.E.R.C.S, which uses a 3x2 table size, so decided to do a 3x3 with one foot of water on the dockside. The addition of piers and boats will extend its usefulness to games using a 3x3.

Anyway Dean took a bunch of pics of our progress which I am stealing to put here. It was 40 degrees Celsius the day we did this so paint/goop etc dried in about 5 mins, it is amazing how much you can get done in Satan's own weather, you could see the paint drying! Still a fair bit of painting on a bunch of stuff so a couple more working bees and this should be good to go!

This is me literally watching paint dry!

The resin pooled because of the heat. We have since poured a second coat which evened it out.