Thursday, February 24, 2011


So! I have been ridiculously fucking slack with this here blog, so here is what we've been working on lately!

So just like everyone else on the planet, we've been getting into Dystopian Wars by Spartan Games. I've been making good progress on my Prussian fleet which I'll snap some pics of soon.
A new scale also means new terrain so I built a couple of seafaring tables for the store. Viv posted a couple of videos featuring them on his channel so here those are:

Also this progress one for the airport table which is now 95% finished on our BBTV channel:

ALSO also here are a bunch of pics of them in use from our DW open/demo day from last weekend. The second table hasn't got the resin water on it yet in these pics, but it is finished now as of yesterday. I'll snap some detail pics soon. Next up will be some Antarctic islands I think. Also looking forward to the land units coming out and going to town with some 2mm land based stuff!

I also built a new Pulp City table for the store using Worldworks stuff (if you don't know them check them out, amazing Cardstock stuff. Be sure to pick up one of the sets I designed ;) ). Been trying to get more Pulp Figures painted too and have been making good progress. Heaps of minions and junk getting some love (blah blah pics soon). Here's some pics from our demo/open day a few weeks back:

Apart from that I have been doing a ton of scenery commissions. Most of it is just the stuff we have on ebay but one or two things are a bit more exciting. I must remember to snap pics before mailing the shit out. We also finnally sold the Bayou Table which was a nice suprise.

I promise not to neglect this joint for another 3 months!


  1. I love the scenery, makes me feel disapointed living in Brisbane. One question - What foam do you use to make the islands and other scenery pieces?

  2. We've been using a high density yellow foam. Not sure of the name. It's a bit less dense than the blue foam, but easier and cheaper to get in Oz

  3. Magnificent! If you don't mind my asking, what did you use as a base for you table? Our club here is just starting to show some interest in Dystopian Wars and I think a good table should be enough to get a campaign rolling. At any rate, mad props. Everything looks amazing.

  4. Thanks for the kind words!

    We painted the table with various blues using a sponge to get a mottled effect and then brushed on a two part resin called Glass Coat:

    We then stippled it with paper towel to get it to bead like that and give us the ripple effect, which we weren't sure would work or not ha. Another happy experiment

  5. Thanks for that man. Was that directly over foam or particle board?

  6. Thanks for the info, just 1 extra bit though - where do you (the shop) actually get it from?



  7. @jefferycleghorn: Yeah it was just a 6x4 piece of 12mm MDF as the base board

    @Graham: You can get Glass Coat from Bunnings. It's usually amongst the wood stains/varnishes

  8. @Graham: Oh and if you mean the foam we get it from a place called Solid Solutions:

  9. Thanks, I should have been more clear.

  10. Thanks again man. Gonna try and throw my back into it this weekend. I'll send you some pics when its done.

  11. Nice! Look forward to seeing what you come up with