Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year painting challenge part duex

I am making good progress on the painting challenge, I think I am beating Deansy From the Internet™ (you can check out his progress here)by a fair margin now! Over the last few days I have managed to finish all the Hardons and Chronin. Well I still need to finish a bottle on Giant Hadron's base but it is close. Bale should get finished off tomorrow if all goes according to plan. I based Chronin's colour scheme on the Kyoshi Warriors for Avatar: The Last Airbender as they were my favourite character design from the series. Please excuse the shoddy photography, my camera struggled with inadequate lighting, hopefully tomorrow will yield some better natural light and I will try to get some better pics.

Due to my good progress I have decided that if I finish Bale tomorrow, than I am going to extend my mini quota to include the last three Heavy Metal Supremes I have that need painting, Nuclear Jones, Lady Cyburn and a new version of Androida. Cyburn is a proxy from Mad Puppet miniatures and my new Androida is from Reaper (my official Adroida broke off at the ankles, and I really like this Reaper scuplt so it is an excuse to use it!)

So hopefully by the 20th I will have another pic of my Heavy Metal team finished!


  1. Wow some nice work there! I love that big guy but every time I go to the website I see the price in pounds and cringe after the conversion rate.

  2. Its not a bad figure, maybe a tad under detailed for a figure of this size, and some of the sculpting (i.e the hair) is pretty rough. Also mine did require a fair bit of cleanup I gotta say. If you don't mind a bit of filing and scraping it paints up pretty nicely, and its a really cool addition to the table as it towers over everything the way a proper giant character should!

  3. I keep hoping someone will get out and I can snap thiers up cheaper....the weight of that beast would making shipping insane.

    Where are your buildings from?