Sunday, November 7, 2010

Here 'tis!

Hey I'm Scott, and I wargame. Been doing it nigh on 10 odd years now on and off, bunch of different games over the years.Started with the ubiquitous GW stuff but tend to avoid it these days. Scenery building has mostly been my main focus since the beginning, but I have been known to enjoy the painting the odd figure here and there.

I've done work designing sets for World Works Games ( and currently work at Battle Bunker in Melbourne (, which allows me the resources and space to get stuck into some serious scenery building. We have a Youtube channel if'n you partake (

Working in a gaming store means I have a lot of scenery and painting projects on the go, be they commissions, commercial products or just hobby stuff, so this is just a place to showcase some of them out to you all in the ether!

Hope you Enjoy!


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