Tuesday, November 16, 2010

WIP: Costal Board

I started this display board all the way back in March, and unfortunately haven't really found time to finish it off yet. It is a full 6x4 ft board, so quite large, and as I intend it to be as detailed as I can make it will take some time to finish. Viv helped me with most of the basic construction, which included bulking out the main  board using cardboard boxes, white foam and waded newspaper, follower by plaster clothing the whole thing. An old school technique but perfect for something of this size. Someone (not me) broke the crane off it's base unfortunately, and my two attempts to glue it back on haven't worked too well. I'll try something stronger next time.

Both the Crane and the Trees are all magnetized for easy removal and replace, and the Lighthouse is also a separate piece. I have two of the three additional buildings, the Warehouse and the Manor house, started. I intend to build a forth building along with a stone bridge and a cannonade wall. Eventually I'll probably build a cargo barge to sit alongside the dock.

Here are some wip shots.

The Lighthouse lights up! A bike light allows it to blink or simply stay on

The Magnet allows the crane to rotate

Unpainted Seals!

So still a ton of work to go yet. I'll post finished pics when it's all done. Cheers!

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