Thursday, November 11, 2010

Malifaux: Lady Justice Crew

So as I mentioned, Malifaux is my game of choice at the moment, I'm really enjoying it's depth of play and love the amount of back and forth and resource management that goes on. It makes the gameplay really dynamic and fun.

The first thing the caught my eye in the game was the whole weird west aspect, therefore, I decided to play Guild. Most of my choices with Malifaux so far have been basically which models I think look awesome, so Lady Justice it was.

So far this is all I have completed, which is a shame considering how long i've had them for. I decided to go for earthy browns and muted reds for my Guild stuff.

The other models in crew range from bare metal to basecoated to needing basing. Hopfully I can find the wherewithall to finish them soon so I can move onto my other two unassembled crews (I'm looking in your direction, Lord Chompy Bits...)! Click for bigger pics

Lady Justice





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