Friday, March 11, 2011

Send in the Clowns!

So I made a good bit of progress today on the main structure of the new commission table, which I will now reveal!


So as you can maybe perhaps possibly make out this is the beginings of the structure of a massive Circus tent!

The interior is going to be completly playable and is the centrepiece of this 2'x2' board for the Post Apocalyptic skirmish game Eden from Taban Miniatures. One of the factions is a Jokeresque group of Clowns so the client wanted a dilaptidated circus tent and a few other carnival bits and piece with some of the usual post apoc trappings. I really dug the concept so it's fun to dive into it.

I made a master of one the frame sides and then moulded it up and made a bunch of casts out of resin (the different coloured sections are due to me experimenting with dyes). I still need to build the framing for the entrance and cut the baseboard but it's starting to look like something now!

The framing is going to be painted and draped in canvas later on. The biggest challenge is going to be the roof shape of the tent but I have some ideas that should see it through.

This fella has been watching me work:

More updates to come!

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