Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Circus is back in town!

So after WAY too long I have finally nearly finished some new pieces for Justin Circus table. A few months ago he e-mailed me about expanding his circus table from 2x2 to a 4x4 set up. I worked up three more boards and a bunch of other stuff.

This time instead lots of fixed pieces he wanted a more free floating scatter terrain. We decided to push to post-apoc a bit further so that meant lots of barrels, tire piles, chain link and RUST. I added the broken road piece atop the cliff face for the same reason.

He was dead set on the dunk tank idea I had when I finished the last board, and I am mostly happy with how it turned out. The resin did some strange things but I think it lends itself to the toxic nature of the environment so I warmed to the less than perfect nature of the water. I still have to finish off weathering the mirrors and finish building the sideshow toady, but should wrap it by this evening. Finished pics of those pieces when they're done, for now, one MILLION pics (well 43)

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  1. Way too long indeed, but life gets in the way and all that. Some fantastic pieces in there and the board looks great as a whole, thanks for sharing!