Saturday, March 3, 2012

Eden Commission Part Two: Finished!

I finally finished the next round of Post Apoc circus terrain. The client was well chuffed. It's awesome to get great feedback, especially knowing now that he would have been prepared to pay more *shifty eyes*

The tank was a bit of a bitch to get right. This ended up being the third attempt to get the water effect right (you can see the first attempt in the previous post). I had to switch resins as the one I was using (Easy Cast clear, which turned out neither clear nor easy to use) needed to be degassed to work properly. Of course I wasn't given this advice on purchase, so after trying some tricks with the second attempt which left it WORSE, I switched up to using a polyester resin. Possibly the most vile smelling substance on earth. That worked out well though, and I still have HEAPS left over (Here's looking at you, rooftop swimming pool for Pulp City).

Justin the client has plans for more stuff later in the year, some pretty exciting ideas such as a funhouse/ghost train and a roller-coaster. Should be fun to do. Anyway pics!


  1. Once again, superb to see these close up with so much detail. I so wanna steal some of these ideas for my own Eden board. The mirrors and dunk are my faves. Great job sir!

  2. Looks great man ... always love your attention to detail.