Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pulp City:

Now that the commission is out of the way, I can work on the project I've had on my mind for a bit, building my dream table for Pulp City. This includes LED lighting, playable interiors and realistic details. I've been collecting a few bits and pieces and plan to dive into it when I can get some time (new job, two bands and return to study is going to make this a small miracle!).

This is a test piece I did to see how the curbs might look. I like how it turned out so this is the way forward!The cars will get a repaint or at least weathering to blend with the minis better, you might be able to see that the Combi and Jeep have already revived this treatment. The Palms are Pegasus Hobbies Type A Palms and I recommend them highly, great product!


  1. Looking really impressive. Cant wait to see how it grows

  2. Fantastic. Looking forward to seeing this progress. Will check out those palms, they look great.