Thursday, November 8, 2012

Drawing Lines

Update! An actual update! I have had a long time between actually doing any hobby stuff, but now that study is over for the year I am turning some of my limited attention back to the Pulp City table project. I have a lot of things done since the last update (6 months almost!). I have finished the base board, painting in the road markings today. I experimented with weathering pigments and may have overdone the weathering a bit. I might paint over some parts to dial it back. Each of the buildings you see in the pics are in various states of completion, and I will go into further in this post. Some of them have LED lighting all wired up, and partially completed interiors. I tried to take some pics in low lighting with the buildings lit up but I struggled to get anything usable before my camera ran out of juice. I will try again soon.

My goal with this project was to go all out with details, so lots of street furniture and bits and pieces are being finished or worked on. It also means it is taking its sweet time :) The small park you can see in the pics will be replaced with a scratch built nightclub but mostly the layout will be how it is here. Of course everything is modular, so not fixed to this layout, but the unusual angles of the board made filling the space a bit more difficult. The board is starting to take on some personality which is what I am after more than anything else!


Shamrock Hotel

The Shamrock hotel is passable but still needs a lot of work before completion. I still need to do a bit more detailing on the exterior paint job, but for the most part it is done. The interior has had only very minimal work done so far, with the ground floor getting its floorboards put in. All the LED lighting is done, and all three levels have exterior switches to turn them on and off. I have done this on all the buildings I have wired up so far. The roof access door hides the battery pack and board for the neon sign, while the concrete ledge hides the battery pack for the interior lighting for the top level. I have a few ideas for concealing the battery packs for each level. I still need to matte varnish the graffiti transfers to blend them in a bit better. Superglue was a bad choice for adding the window panes, as a bit of frosting occurred. If anyone has a cure for it after the fact I am all ears.

Ouroboros Esoteric Bookstore/ Sailor's Grave Tattoos

 Mostly done here but a little bit to go. The exterior is finished with the exception of adding in a side door. The interior needs some finishing off, painting of the furniture and adding a staircase (a challenge in such a small space). Lighting is all done with the battery pack hidden with the mesh on the roof. The first story batter is attached to the underside of the roof. Not ideal but the massive 9v took up too much floorspace to hide it anywhere else. Need to make a massage bed and drawing table for the tattoo shop.

 Apartment Building One, Tortilla The Hun & Pizza Delite

The Interior of Apartment Building One is actually further along than both the Shamrock and the bookstore/tattoo shop, but my camera ran out of juice before I could snap some pics. Tortilla the Hun taco stand needs signage and interior furniture and lighting, but painting is finished (you can see part of an icecream truck that needs weathering/detailing to take away the toy look). There is also a shot of the very wip Pizza Delite shop, a scratch built building, which will probably end up having another shop on the second level. It will also have its own neon sign! Always more to do and hopefully not another six month betwixt updates!


  1. Great work! I would love to play a game on this table. Amazing work!

  2. Wow. Just ...... WOW!

    That looks amazing. Great work!

  3. Very, very impressive work. Well done.

  4. Amazing work, truly, and one worthy of an award. :)

    Passed on a Leibster award:

  5. that is a sweet table. how much do you charge for commision stuff for a board like this and how much more per building?

  6. Hey sorry just saw your comment! Not taking commissions anymore as I'm focusing on things other than the hobby. The buildings are mostly from Sarssa Precision: