Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year painting challenge!

Inspired by a post over on Pulp Citizen's blog, I decided to start a painting challenge with my pal Deansy From the Internet™, in the interest of getting some long overdue painting done. We are starting small, and have picked four figures each that we have to complete by the 20th. Some of my choices are partially painted, so it is a bit of cheek! I should be able to manage getting some colour on these guys though. I have chosen to get Sgt. Bale, Chronin, Mini Hadron, Captain Hadron and Giant Hadron from Pulp City all finished up, which will hopefully motivate me to get some more of my growing Pulp City collection all done. Here is how they are looking right now.

Sgt. Bale is base coated, his hands have also been replaced with clear flames from a heroclix Silver Surfer figure. I never liked the way he was awkwardly holding his gun, and think this makes for a much more dynamic figure.

Chronin is more or less just primed, with her face painted. Though I think I have decided to re-do the face in favour of something a bit more exciting than a normal skintone.

And the Hadrons! All the Hadrons have had their crests removed, as I wasn't too keen on it. Giant Hadron is actually pretty close to being done, just some more blending on his gauntlets really, and some detritus on his base to make it a bit more exciting and really show the scale of the beast. Mini Hadron is also very close to being done, with perhaps just another highlight pass to get a bit more contrast. Regular Hadron is basically base-coated, though shouldn't take long!


  1. Glad to have inspired you; and there is nothing cheeky about finishing those part-started minis! :)

  2. I LOOOOVE your Sgt Bale and great scheme choices on Hadron